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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Still Alive

No, this isn't a post about Portal.

Just to say I'm still around, and trying to find time to work on this blog. I've been incredibly busy with work since August and we're also now in the middle of moving house - but I've got some ideas around leveraging the power of AMD's HSA, the architecture behind their relatively new line of APUs. That said, anything I post on the issue may well not be C#!

Posts in the pipeline:

  • Rolling your own DI container in C#
  • DI Frameworks (not sure this is necessary)
  • Why I hate the Null Object pattern
  • OCP (Open/Closed Principle) - and why it's important
  • SRP (Single Responsibility Principle) - and why it's important
  • - go there now!
  • Simplifying ADO.Net (in which I aim to discuss means to avoid the XML Spaghetti nightmare)
  • Self-Hosting WCF Services
  • Fractional calculations in C#
Again, there's a box on the right for suggestions.

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