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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Who are you, and what is this?


My name is Hugh. I'm a software engineer with a successful 13 year career behind me. I write fast, clean, efficient code, and I'm passionate about it. I code mainly in C# at the moment. I know you can write faster code in other languages, but I do C# day in, day out, for a corporate client who run on the Microsoft stack so it's in my best interest to keep doing this, rather than writing machine code or programming ASICs.

On this blog I intend to post stuff that I've done or that I'm tinkering with. There will be code. It will be C#. There will be splurges of ideas. There may be some analysis. When I post code I will endeavour to discuss the design decisions, and will try to field any comments that get made. I code as part of a team. I try to write code that other people can understand, and I hope for the same in return.

This blog will be technical, about writing actual code and overcoming issues that might not at first be evident. Another blog worth checking out is Stephen's Coding in the Trenches where he discusses design concepts at a higher level as well as reviewing development tools and blabbering on about training. There may be some overlap from time to time. Although he codes in objective C, Daren also makes some good industry-wide observations about TDD and Agile methodologies. He's also planning a video series.

I can't make you a website, but Mark at Radical Geek Web Solutions can if you pay him. He'll also give you access to a comprehensive project management portal.

I could fix your PC, but you wouldn't ask the designer of a hydroelectric dam to unblock your drain. If you can't do it yourself, take it to one of the many capable independent computer repair shops.

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